April 2017 

How to deal with everything in the Sicilian except 2.Nf3 & 3.d4.

Bogoljubow the Fate of a Chess Player
THE book about the legendary Efim Bogoljubow.

Max Euwe, 5th World Champion
The life and games of Max Euwe.

Morphy Move by Move
34 deeply annotated games of the great Paul Morphy.

Najdorf X Najdorf
The story of Miguel Najdorf’s life, this book is a true delight.

H.E. Bird
Magnificent! Close to 1,200 games, incredible photos, and rich history makes this a must buy for any player who loves chess history.

Playing the Ragozin
A favorite of Bobby Fischer, this system is now one of the hottest openings in chess.

The Sicilian Sveshnikov
A move by move 400 page lesson in the ups and downs of this popular opening.

The English
A very interesting opening repertoire which starts with 1.c4.

Your Opponent is Overrated
A highly original book that, as IM Donaldson said in his review, could have been called "Chess Favours the Optimistic.”

July 2016 

A Simple Chess Opening Repertoire for White
A repertoire based on the isolated d-pawn.

Chess For Life
Insights into playing well as you age.

The French Defense: Volume Three
The final volume of a great French Defense series.

Fundamental Checkmates
300 positions and detailed solutions.

Lessons With a Grandmaster III
Boris Gulko’s highly instructive series.

The Modern Tiger
An updated and expanded version of an opening classic.

Reaching the Top?!: A Practical Guide to Playing Master-Level Chess
Helping players to make master (2200).

The Old Indian: Move by Move
Play 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 d6 3.Nc3 Nbd7 for Black.

Play Unconventional Chess and Win
Taking the reader down little-known paths.

Opening Originals: Strong Sidelines for Club Cats
Shock your opponent with these surprise openings.

Saint Petersburg 1895/96
One of the strongest tournaments of all time.

Smerdon’s Scandinavian
A massive tome highlighting 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.d4 Bg4 for Black.

The Caro-Kann
A new, updated edition of Jovanka Houska’s magnificent opening book.

The Even More Flexible French
An updated and expanded version (almost 100 extra pages!) of an earlier work.

The Nimzo and Bogo Indian
A new look at two very important openings.

Understanding Rook Endgames
An excellent, but advanced, look at Rook endgames.

Donaldson’s Fischer Masterpiece
The ultimate Fischer book - parts 1-3 are available.

October 2015

The Inner Game of Chess

Andy Soltis teaches the art of calculation.

A Cunning Chess Opening for Black

The Philidor Defense is alive and kicking!

José Raúl Capablanca: A Chess Biography

Every aspect of the great Cuban’s life is finally offered to the public.

The Dragon: Volume One

Beat 1.e4 by learning the Sicilian Dragon!

Joseph Henry Blackburne: A Chess Biography

Tim Harding’s masterpiece about the life and games of the legendary "Black Death.”

The Modern Tiger

Tiger Hillarp Persson brilliantly updates his 2004 best seller on the Modern Defense.

Rich As a King

This mix of chess and finance is both fun to read and instructive.

Risk & Bluff in Chess: The Art of Taking Calculated Risks

Tremendously instructive, Tukmakov’s latest book is must-read material.

July 2015     

1…b6: Move by Move

A sound, flexible system for Black, explained in detail with Lakdawala’s instructive prose.

Judit Polgar Teaches Chess 3: A Game of Queens

The 3rd and final volume of this magnificent series.

The Liberated Bishop Defense

Tired of having a trapped Bishop? 1.d4 d5 2.c4 Bf5 is the answer you’ve been looking for.

The Art of Checkmate

A new translation of a classic, turning a good book into a great one.

The Ragozin Complex: A Guide for White and Black

A Fischer favorite, now the secrets of this deep, sound system is available to everyone.

Samuel Lipschutz, A Life in Chess

A lovely book that shares the history and game of the man who became U.S. chess champion in 1892.

Sveshnikov vs. Anti-Sicilians: A Complete Repertoire for Black

Evgeny Sveshnikov offers answers to all of White’s divergences from the Open Sicilian and 3.Bb5 (+).

September/December 2014
Rich as a King
A charming book by Susan Polgar and Douglas Goldstein that mixes chess and investment strategies.

1.e4 vs. The French, Caro-Kann & Philidor
A brilliant effort from the 21-year-old grandmaster Parimarjan Negi.

Bologan’s Black Weapons in the Open Games
If you answer 1.e4 with 1…e5, this is a must buy.

Anish Giri: My Junior Years in 20 Games
A lovely book about Giri’s life and games.

Chess Training for Post-Beginners 
Positional understanding taught by a well-known Ukrainian chess coach.

The Fianchetto System: Weapons for White against the King's Indian and Grünfeld
Worried about facing the Grunfeld and King’s Indian? Not anymore!

The Sicilian Sveshnikov
The latest on the Sveshnikov from Black’s point of view.

Mikhail Tal's Best Games 1 - The Magic of Youth
Yet another Karolyi masterpiece.

The Batsford Book of Chess
A beautiful hardbound book for beginners.

Garry Kasparov on Garry Kasparov - Part lll: 1993-2005
The latest in Kasparov’s magnificent series.

Chess Results 1971-1974
Candy for chess historians and journalists.

Chess Results 1975-1977
Candy for chess historians and journalists.

Chess Results: 1978-1980
Candy for chess historians and journalists.

July/August 2014 

Beating the King’s Indian and Grunfeld
Original ideas with an insanely low price.

Chess Explained: The c3 Sicilian
Filled with instructive prose about how to play and meet 2.c3 in the Sicilian.

The Doeberl Cup
Australia’s top tournament, featuring games, a free CD-ROM, news, stories, and chess history.

Play the Accelerated Dragon
A new book on this popular Sicilian system, for players 1400 to 2200.

Avro 1938 International Chess Tournament
One of the greatest tournaments ever held. Enjoy the games, photos, notes, crosstables, and much more.

Chess For Zebras
An original work on chess psychology by grandmaster Jonathan Rowson.

The Safest Grunfeld
If you play (or play against) this opening, you’ll want the book. 

Elements Of Chess Strategy
Chess instruction by a famous coach.

Play The Benko Gambit

A dynamic Black repertoire, answers for everything White can throw at you, plus instructive prose.

100 Endgames You Must Know
Useful for players 2000 through International Master


The Stress of Chess and its Infinite Finesse
Six-time U.S. Champion Walter Browne shares his life and games [reviewed by John Watson].

Capablanca: A Primer Of Checkmate
Using Capablanca’s games, this book demonstrates the various classic mating patterns that everyone needs to know [reviewed by John Donaldson].

Profession: Chessplayer
I love this book, and John Donaldson (who reviewed it) gives it his highest recommendation.

Vishy Anand: World Chess Champion, Life and Games
The 3rd edition of this classic book, by Anand and Nunn [reviewed by John Watson].

Two Classic Reinfeld Books and one Enlarged Heisman Book in One Review [reviewed by Donald K. McKim]:
1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate (21st Century Edition)
1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations (21st Century Edition)
Looking for Trouble: Recognizing and Meeting Threats in Chess (2nd Edition)

The Enigma Of Chess Intuition
A great writer explores a very important subject [reviewed by John Donaldson].

Chess in the Movies
The author gives over 2,000 listings, with some films having heavy chess themes, and others that only use a small amount of chess symbolism [reviewed by Jeremy Silman].

Modernized: The King’s Indian Defense
Grandmaster Bojkov offers an aggressive but sound repertoire for fans of the KID [reviewed by John Donaldson].

A Vigorous Chess Opening Repertoire for Black
A Petroff Defense repertoire that also covers the King’s Gambit, Vienna Game, The Four Knight’s Game, and everything else White can throw at you after 1.e4 e5 [reviewed by John Donaldson].


Finding Chess Jewels
If you want very challenging training material then this is for you!

Foundations Of Chess Strategy: Applying Business Methods to Chess
In this review, Watson gives it an unequivocal recommendation.

Genius In The Background
A wonderful book about unsung chess heroes.

Chess Secrets: Great Attackers
Kasparov, Leonid Stein, and Tal.

Heroes Of Classical Chess
More chess heroes, this time Carlsen, Anand, Fischer, Smyslov, and Rubinstein.

Mastering Opening Strategy
An instructional manual for better understanding opening principles.

Mikhail Botvinnik: The Life and Games of a World Chess Champion
Yet another Soltis masterpiece!

The Classical Slav
Celebrated author Boris Avrukh turns his skills to the Slav.

Endgame Virtuoso Anatoly Karpov
A must own for Karpov fans or anyone (1600 – grandmaster) that wishes to improve his endgame play.

Van Perlo’s Endgame Tactics
The 2014 edition makes this award-winning book even better.


100 Master Trade Secrets
Andrew Soltis’ newest book.

Judit Polgar Teaches Chess 2
The 2nd volume about the life and games of the strongest female player of all time.

The Tarrasch Defense: Move-by-Move
A great opening against 1.d4, explained in a clear instructive manner.

The Panov-Botvinnik Attack: Move-by-Move
A fierce weapon against the Caro-Kann.

My Chess
A fascinating look at chess greats and other important players who also made their mark.

Seven Deadly Chess Sins
The best book on chess psychology.

Tango! A Dynamic Answer to 1.d4 
An exciting way to deal with 1.d4.

Pirc Alert: A complete Defense Against 1.e4
A classic treatise on the ins and outs of the Pirc Defense.

Philidor Files
The Philidor Defense is alive and well! A wonderful book.


A Cunning Chess Opening Repertoire for White 
If you’re a 1.d4 player, then this book might well be for you 

A new edition of Dvoretsky’s magnificent work 

This book, the first of 3, covers the super complex Winawer Variation (sans 7.Qg4) 

Lakdawala teaches you to play 1.b3, which has been successfully used by Fischer, Larsen, and Nimzowitsch 

A fine handbook of key positional methods 

A deep analysis and discussion of Carlsen’s World Championship victory over Anand, in a beautiful hardcover edition. A seriously impressive piece of work! 

January 2014 

Jeremy Silman’s first novel! (Adults Only) 

The first proper translation in English (for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch). Deeply reviewed by John Watson 

The first proper translation in English (for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch). Deeply reviewed by John Watson 

A simple but effective system for those that want effective but easy-to-learn openings 

Another instructional masterpiece by Cyrus Lakdawala 

How Magnus broke Kasparov’s rating record 

Another magnificent book by grandmaster Ivan Sokolov 

Aagaard and Ntirlis team up to give you a complete, dynamic answer to 1.e4 

November/December 2013 

A K-8 educational math learning aid series that teaches you to play chess at the same time! 

A classic "winner take all” between Botvinnik, Smyslov, Reshevsky, Keres, and Euw

Jeremy Silman’s first novel! (Adults Only) 

October 2013

A delightful new book by Hans Ree, deeply reviewed by Donald K. McKim 

A wonderful book offered at the insane price of $14.00 

Dealing with something all chess players agonize over 

The great Edward Winter takes us through the ins and outs of chess history 

Facing multiple choices? This book will teach you how to deal with it 

The greatest work on the Grunfeld defense ever 

We all face strange openings. Now we’ll know how to deal with them 

A great book on a great opening 


The latest in a groundbreaking series which now chronicles all major tournaments from 1747 to 1970. 

Looked at from black’s point of view, this fine book offers state of the art coverage of the Grunfeld. 

Alekhine dominates one of the greatest tournaments of all time. 

A highly original book that caused quite a stir back in 2007. 

GM Beim’s chess classic from 2006. 

An ambitious one-system setup for Black. 

The best English Opening repertoire book for amateurs. 


Another important book by Scottish IM Craig Pritchett. 

The best book ever written on 1…b6 (vs. everything but 1.g3)

Andrew Greet deeply explores my favorite opening. 

The book to get for players under 2000 that want to understand the ins and outs of the QGD. 

For those that want to avoid the mega-theory of 1.d4 or 1.e4 and instead embrace the sublime Réti Opening. 

Karpov shows you how to deal with the Panov-Botvinnik Attack. 

A White repertoire based on meeting 1.e4 e5 with the Ruy Lopez. 

Reviewed by John Watson. An algebraic version (with added photos and crosstables) of Alekhine’s masterpiece. 

Bobby Fischer Comes Home: The Final Years in Iceland, a Saga of Friendship and Lost Illusions 
I loved it, but John Watson tells you why he doesn’t. 


Wojo’s Weapons: Winning With White, Volumes One, Two, and Three 

Books from Siles Press