Carlsen’s Assault on the Throne

Sotiris Logothetis, Vasilios Kotronias

Reviewer: John Donaldson
Quality Chess
304 pages (hardback)

Magnus Carlsen became World Champion on November 22 and less than a month later Carlsen’s Assault on the Throne by Vassilios Kotronias and Sotiris Logothetis was published. There is a long tradition of “instant” books on World Championships and few have had any lasting value. This book is on the short list of exceptions as everything from the game analysis, background material and beautiful color photos are first rate.

Carlsen’s Assault on the Throne contains not only an in-depth analysis of the ten games of the match but also of all of Carlsen’s game from the London Candidates tournament. The commentator, the well-known Greek Grandmaster Vasilios Kotronias, has a lively writing style that is both entertaining and authoritative. One extra bonus for the world Championship games is that the time used by contestants for each move is noted.

A foreword by Simen Agdestein, one of Carlsen’s first coaches, dispels the myth that Carlsen didn’t have to work hard to reach his present lofty status. He also puts in to perspective the impact the reigning World Champion has had on his five million countrymen. Norway was a relative backwater in the chess world when Carlsen first started playing but it will host the Chess Olympiad later this summer.

This book is a beautifully produced hardcover printed on high quality paper that allows the many beautiful color photos to shine.

Highly Recommended