Chess Results 1931-1935

A Comprehensive Record with 1065 Tournament Crosstables and 190 Match Scores

Gino Di Felice

Reviewer: John Donaldson
410 pages

Chess Results 1931-1935 is the fourth in a five part series of books by the Italian chess archivist Gino Di Felice that cover the world of competitive chess from 1747 to 1940. This colossal project will end up covering over 4000 tournament crosstables and almost 1500 matches when completed.

Di Felice’s fourth volume in the series is a pioneering work. Where as the first three added and expanded to work done by the great archivist Jeremy Gaige, Chess Results 1931-1935 covers virgin territory as Gaige ended his published crosstables at 1930 (though he did publish a checklist going up to 1950). The increase in tournament activity in the 1930s compared to the time covered in the previous volume (1920-30) is readily apparent. Volume three was 342 pages and the present work is 410 despite covering only half as many years.

The physical production of Chess Results 1931-1935 is up to the usual McFarland production standards which means outstanding. The crosstables and match scores are clearly laid out, the paper is good and the book well bound. It is indexed by both player and event.

Chess Results 1931-1935 is a required purchase for all serious chess researchers.