Chess Results 1941-1946

Gino Di Felice

Reviewer: John Donaldson
376 pages

The sixth in Gino Di Felice’s seven volume series, which list the results of men’s chess competitions from 1749 to 1950, is just out. Chess Results, 1941-1946 (A Comprehensive Record with 810 Tournament Crosstables and 80 Match Scores, with Sources) is an important work that breaks new ground as Jeremy Gaige, the great pioneer in preserving chess results, only went to 1931 in his Chess Tournament Crosstables series. Di Felice is not only the first researcher to produce such a work, he has also done a fine job. Pouring through major periodicals, important general reference works and electronic sources, Di Felice has found crosstables for over 800 events for the six year span, a most impressive feat when one considers that chess activity slowed considerably during World War 2.

This volume differs from its predecessors in that Di Felice has provided sources for each event. This new addition is quite useful – not only for the ability to check the source if a result is in question but also to quickly have an idea where more information on the event can be found.

As usual for McFarland, this is an extremely well produced book. There are indexes for both events and players and the crosstables are cleanly laid out and easy to read.

Chess Results, 1941-1946 is sturdily bound for years of use. Anyone doing chess research in the period 1941-46 will find this book indispensable.

Highly recommended.