Simple Attacking Plans

Fred Wilson

Reviewer: John Donaldson
Mongoose Press
175 pages

Many authors, especially strong players, have a hard time remembering the struggles they faced coming up through the ranks. They tend to forget or underestimate how hard it is, especially for adults new to the game. This lack of recognition of the true strength of club players can cause them to write well above their intended audience and may account for the large number of instructional books that are never read cover to cover.

Fred Wilson’s Simple Attacking Plans won’t suffer such a fate. This clear and straightforward instructional manual for attacking play, aimed principally at players from 1200 to 1800, offers the student 37 well-chosen and carefully annotated games. The notes, principally prose instead of Informant style commentary, are to the point and engage the reader. The games are not only instructive but also entertaining.

This book is well produced with a clear layout.

Simple Attacking Chess would make a perfect gift for the youngster or adult who knows the basics of the game but is looking to advance to the next stage.

Highly Recommended