Techniques of Positional Play

45 Practical Methods to Gain the Upper Hand in Chess

Anatoli Terekhin, Valeri Bronznik

Reviewer: John Donaldson
New In Chess
254 pages

TECHNIQUES OF POSITIONAL PLAY by Valeri Bronznik and Anaoli Terekhin is a handbook of positional methods with exercises to solve. The material is arranged as follows:

Chapter I Restricting the enemy pieces … 9
Chapter II Create breathing space for your pieces!… 50
Chapter III The clash between pawn formations… 66
Chapter IV The rook pawn – an underrated fighter … 82
Chapter V Techniques in the fight for an open file … 106
Chapter VI Some aspects of piece exchanges… 125
Chapter VII Working with the king… 142
Chapter VIII Developing and activating pieces… 170
Chapter IX Along the diagonals… 196
Chapter X Other methods … 220
Chapter XI Practical exercises … 226

In some ways this book bears some resemblance to Gelfer’s POSITIONAL CHESS HANDBOOK and like that title it should prove to be of great value to many players, especially those in the 1800-2400 range.

The examples are well chosen and systematically organized.